Elizabeth (betsy) Lordan, DVM CJF TE


Dr. Lordan grew up in Gloucester, MA.  After earning her bachelor’s degree in  International Relations from Boston University in 2004 she moved to Montana where her career took an interesting turn.

Dr. Lordan spent 5 years working on different farms and ranches and discovered her love of shoeing and veterinary medicine along the way.  She was admitted to Colorado State University and pursued shoeing alongside her veterinary education.  In addition to working with excellent farriers, Dr. Lordan took the opportunity to visit and learn from podiatrists in other parts of the country.

Following veterinary school, Dr. Lordan completed a hospital internship at New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center in Dover, NH.  There she focused on lameness and critical care of referral patients.  Her passion led her back to podiatry.

Dr. Lordan moved to Australia for a year and a half to complete a podiatry internship at the Equine Lameness and Podiatry Centre, a subset of Scone Equine Hospital.  Scone Equine Hospital is based in the Hunter Valley which is home to the second largest thoroughbred breeding population in the world.  Dr. Lordan’s work focused on lameness and a variety of other foot problems, including laminitis.

Dr.  Lordan has worked as an associate for SRH Veterinary Services for several years, but her passion for podiatry has continued to take her places.  She spent several months in Lexington, KY working alongside world class podiatrists and farriers to study the most recent techniques and materials.

Most recently, Dr. Lordan has become the first female veterinarian to pass the Certified Journeyman Farrier Examination offered by the American Farriers’ Association.  This is a very complex, multi-part test that requires the candidate to pass a written exam and demonstrate their ability to forge and apply shoes made by hand.  She has since completed the American Farriers’ Association Therapeutic Endorsement which requires advanced testing in fabrication, application and theory of therapeutic shoes.

In addition to podiatry, Dr. Lordan is currently pursuing training in advanced equine musculoskeletal ultrasound through the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology.